Pet Emergency & Critical Care

Dedicated 24/7 pet emergency & critical care at The Stock Doc Veterinary Services. Your pet’s well-being is our priority, day or night.

Vets examining dog

What Sets Us Apart

At The Stock Doc Veterinary Services, our approach to pet emergency and critical care is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique needs of animals. Our experienced veterinarians and support staff are committed to delivering prompt and effective care, recognizing that time is of the essence in emergency situations.

Immediate Attention Matters

Pets, like humans, encounter unforeseen medical crises. Whether due to sudden injuries, severe illnesses, or unexpected conditions, timely intervention is crucial. Our 24/7 pet emergency and critical care services address a wide range of situations, from trauma to acute illnesses, ensuring your pet receives the prompt attention they need.

Benefits of Choosing Our Services


Our commitment to your pet’s health extends beyond our clinic, and through our referral network, we ensure that your furry friends have access to the expertise they deserve.

Prompt Response

When an emergency strikes, every moment counts. Our dedicated team is on standby 24/7 to provide swift and efficient care and ensure that your pet receives the attention they need without delay.

Comprehensive Care

We offer comprehensive emergency and critical care services. From diagnostic evaluations to medical treatments, we cover all aspects of your pet’s well-being, tailoring our approach to the specific needs of each case.

Supportive Environment

We understand that emergencies can be stressful for both pets and their owners. Our facility is designed to provide a calm and supportive environment, helping to ease anxiety and facilitate effective treatment.

When to Seek Emergency Care

  • Recognizing Signs: Pet owners play a crucial role in recognizing when their furry companions require emergency care. If you notice symptoms such as difficulty breathing, severe injuries, or sudden behavioral changes, it’s essential to seek professional help promptly.
  • Common Emergency Scenarios: While emergencies can be unpredictable, some common situations may necessitate immediate attention. These include accidents, ingestion of toxic substances, and sudden collapses.