Pet BAER Testing

Optimize your pet’s health with accurate pet BAER testing at The Stock Doc Veterinary Services. We provide early detection and expert care for your beloved companions.

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What is Pet Baer Testing?

BAER testing is a vital diagnostic tool at The Stock Doc Veterinary Services in Riverton, WY. It accurately evaluates a pet’s auditory function. Named after the German physiologist Ernst Baer, this non-invasive test measures the electrical activity in the auditory nerve, providing essential insights into a pet’s hearing sensitivity.

Conducting Pet Baer Testing

Our skilled veterinary team employs advanced equipment for pet BAER testing. This non-invasive procedure analyzes a pet’s responses to sound stimuli, enabling early identification of potential hearing issues.

Benefits of Pet Baer Testing

Accurate Assessment

Our experienced veterinarians, trained in the latest diagnostic techniques, provide precise assessments of your pet’s auditory health through pet BAER testing, allowing for tailored care and intervention plans.

Early Intervention

Early detection of hearing issues enables prompt intervention, preventing further deterioration and enhancing the pet’s quality of life. Pet BAER testing is a proactive approach to addressing auditory health concerns.

Personalized Care

We prioritize individualized care for each pet. Pet BAER testing results contribute to a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s health, allowing us to tailor recommendations based on their unique needs.

When is Pet Baer Testing Recommended?

  • Identifying Hearing Loss: Pet BAER testing is particularly valuable for identifying hearing loss in pets, whether congenital or acquired. Early detection allows for better management and potential interventions, enhancing the pet’s overall quality of life.
  • Breed-Specific Concerns: Certain breeds, such as Dalmatians, Australian Shepherds, and Boxers, are predisposed to hereditary hearing issues. Pet BAER testing ensures early detection and appropriate care for these breeds.
  • Senior Pet Screenings: As pets age, their sensory functions may decline. Regular pet BAER testing for senior pets catches age-related hearing issues early, facilitating timely interventions and improving their overall well-being.