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  • Internet Sites We Recommend
    Surfing the Internet is one of the easiest and most popular ways to gather information these days. However, the quality of the information on the Internet is sometimes questionable, as anyone Read more
  • Microbes
    We were reminiscing at the dinner table tonight as guests at my parents house about how my brother and I used to love to play in the pasture in the ditchwater every Read more
  • HELP! What Can I Give my Dog to Chew?
    Chewing is very natural and necessary for puppies trying to ease the pain of teething and to help their adult teeth break through. Many dogs continue to find pleasure from gnawing on Read more
  • Quit smoking for Spot’s sake!!
    Here is a little tidbit of information that your veterinarian knows about you – we know if you are a smoker! Simply by snuggling up to Spot we can deduce that Read more
  • How will my dog handle the grief of losing our other pet?
    The grief, heartbreak and insecurity we go through when we lose a pet is a struggle many of us are familiar with. Because dogs and cats have a much Read more
  • What to Do When Your Pet is Lost
    We try so hard to control all the variables: We fence in the yard and keep it maintained, we put a collar on our pet with our name and number Read more
  • When to Take your Dog to the Vet
    Last week we listed some signs to watch for that indicate your cat needs a visit to the vet. This week we will talk about your dog. If you see: Lumps or bumps Abnormal Read more
  • Nutrition Discussion
    Those of you who missed the Nutrition Discussion last month at the library missed out BIG TIME! Everyone who attended was treated to a big sub sandwich, chips, pop, veggies and cookies, Read more

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