This is Grizzly’s story, another pet we were able to help with our Critical Care Companion Animal Fund, a non-profit that our team raises money for which helps families who are taking good care of their pets (they are vaccinated and neutered/spayed) but just cannot make ends meet for emergency care.

Grizzly is a 1 ½-year-old neutered Border Collie mix who came to us on February 3, 2021, after having been hit by a car. He sustained 2 broken front legs and had been treated by another veterinarian initially. Fortunately, Grizzly was otherwise healthy…and extremely sweet despite the pain he was experiencing and all he had been through.

Dr. Miranda was able to surgically repair both fractures. Grizzly’s right front leg was plated on 2-3-2021, and his left front leg had an external fixator applied on 2-5-2021. Through all of this, Grizzly was still giving kisses! The morning after surgery, Grizzly couldn’t wait to get out of his kennel and ran around the clinic, greeting everyone and giving love!!

Grizzly’s family adores him and was heartbroken when he accidentally got out. They applied for the Critical Care Funds to supplement what they had already paid toward the bill as they are still paying off hospital bills from their daughter’s birth last August.

Grizzly is a sweet, out-going pup who adores his Alice, their 5-month-old daughter. He absolutely loves to cuddle on the bed with his people and play fetch and run and play with his dog buddy, Phoebe, but his favorite thing to do is spend time with Alice and give her kisses and cuddles.

We are so happy that we have been able to help Grizzly and his young family through this emergency, and look forward to watching him grow up with his best friend, Alice!