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Candi Burns

Meet the friendly staff at The Stock Doc!

Candi Burns
Burns joined The Stock Doc team in February of 2017 as a Front Desk
receptionist, prescription-refiller and dog/cat food gatherer. She is a lover of all critters, big and
small. Candi was raised around animals from
birth and has never been without a critter or two at her side. Her love for animals is what brought her to
the Stock Doc.

She has one daughter, Breesha, who lives in Cheyenne with her longtime boyfriend,
Kent. Breesha is a Cosmetologist/Barber
and Kent is a Coder/Programmer.

Candi comes with a background in the medical field and was previously a MedicalAssistant. She also has background/training in Computers and Technology, Investigations, Botany and Horticulture, Medical Billing and Coding, Criminal Justice, Pharmacy and is extremely ferret knowledgeable, having ferrets in her life for the past 12 years. In her free time, she loves to be
around her pets, grow and nurture her plants, continue her education, and perform wedding ceremonies (she is also Ordained and a Notary). Candi loves to learn, and can’t seem to get enough knowledge packed into her brain to satisfy her!

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