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When to Take your Dog to the Vet

When to Take your Dog to the Vet

Last week we listed some signs to watch for that indicate your cat needs a visit to the vet. This week we will talk about your dog.

If you see:

Lumps or bumps

Abnormal gait or posture, slow to get up after resting

Leaking urine when sleeping

Losing hair, itching or scratching, rashes or constant licking of an area

Scooting his bum around on the floor

Troubling behavior like growling at the kids or the cat or the other dogs

…then you could use a visit to the vet to discuss these issues and get started resolving them. These can usually be seen on a regular appointment schedule.

And when you see:

Difficulty breathing

Constant coughing and inability to rest through the night

A distended “bloated” abdomen

Change in behavior – exhibiting fear, restlessness, anxiety, or simply not willing to do much (lethargic), acting clingy or hiding

Pale gums, or red spots on the gums, or yellowish gums and skin

Crying as if in pain

Inability to move or walk, or dragging back legs

Bleeding in large amounts, or small amounts that wont stop

Trauma ie; being hit by a car, kicked by a horse, etc.

Any time you suspect your dog ingested a poison or toxin

Vomiting more than two or three times

Abnormal vaginal discharge

Strange odor

Squinting, bulging or painful eyes

Straining to urinate, trying to urinate with no results, or going outside to potty lots more times than usual


Tremors or seizures

Anything that makes you worried!

…then you need to make an appointment right away, explaining these signs to the receptionist so that she knows to get you in ASAP. Remember, the Stock Doc is on call all the time to help you deal with these situations even if they occur outside of normal business hours.

Also, if it has been over a year since your dog was in to see us for a preventative exam, then you need to call for an appointment to let us look him over from tip to tail. We often find ways to make your pet more comfortable, and help him live a longer, healthier life. At these routine exams we will get a nice picture of your pet in our system, and send you a passport card with his history for convenience when you need proof of vaccinations.

If you aren’t sure when it is time to come in, just call us and we will be happy to help you decide when to let us help your dog!

Next week we will start a series of discussions on how your pet’s nutrition can determine how long and how comfortably your pet can live.

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