We provide routine and advanced reproductive care to our patients. Our services for our many species of patients include: timing management for appropriate breeding times, artificial insemination, staging for bovine and ovine delivery dates, ultrasound assessment of embryo(s), and advanced care for the neonate and pregnant dam.

We also offer mare and stallion breeding packages with extensive services. For mares, we provide the following services: diagnostic work-ups for infertility, artificial insemination with cooled and frozen semen, ultrasonographic pregnancy diagnosis, twin reduction, pregnant mare care, obstetrics, management of dystocia (difficulty foaling), and foaling management. For stallions, we provide: fertility evaluation, investigation of infertility, stallion breeding management, semen collection and evaluation, and preparation/shipment of cooled semen.

Our veterinarians also provide critical patient care and anesthesia for foals and work in close collaboration with board certified veterinarians who specialize in equine surgery and neonatology.