“The Stock Docs are simply awesome! Professional, knowledgeable, understanding, kind, patient, and always courteous. With them taking care of your fur babies you can always rest assured knowing that they are in the best care!! They always treat your pets like their own. And they are always there for you 24/7! Such a relief! Thank you!”
Gina Rapone

“Today I brought my dog in for oral surgery for two teeth with exposed roots! Yikes. I had several calls today updating me of what they found on the Xrays, what they were going to do with my permission; plus a call informing me that she was in recovery and when I could pick her up. I felt so reassured with my senior pups’ procedure. Thanks so much to the entire staff!!”
Lisa LaVoie -5 stars (Facebook)

“On 6 August, my family had to say a final good bye to our dog “Liberty”. She came down with a sudden illness and was very sick. The entire staff who worked with her could not have been more kind, understanding and compassionate. Thanks to all who took care of our “Libby”.”

Jon Sonnenschein -5 stars (Facebook)

“I’ve been going to them for the last 2 year for both my dog and my new kitten. They are always so helpful and kind! Thank you for all that you do!”

Lauren Hendrickson -5 stars (Facebook)

“Have had Amy at Stock Doc as my Vet for over 14 years now. She truly cares about your animal and does whatever is needed for them. She kept my Doberman alive for 2 years more than he should have had by her intense care. Would highly recommend to anyone as the best vet I have ever had with my 28 dogs of experience in my lifetime.”

Tom Pryor -5 stars (Google)

“I love taking my dogs to the Stock Doc. They have always been kind and caring in their treatment of my pets. They really go the extra mile and do truly love what they do. All our thumbs (toes) up!!!”

Marian Baker -5 stars (Google)

“I have used the stock doc from my cats to my horses. I very impressed with how professional they are and kind,compassionate and friendly. They go the extra mile to get to the bottom of the issue if need be. They are current on the latest technology and treatment. I would highly recommend them for all your critters. Thank you Stock Doc for all you do and going above and beyond.”

RaeLee Hill Coyle -5 stars (Facebook)

“I have had two major events within a week, as a first time client : one, a life-threatening illness in my son’s little dog, that Dr Tomschin diagnosed immediately and performed life-saving surgery on the spot. Her skill as a surgeon was amazing, as she allowed me to stay in the OR (as former medical professional in the OR, I was immensely impressed with her technique). Her closure of Josie’s incision was of plastic surgery caliber! Then, a week later, I took my beloved Maine Coon cat, Ollver, in, after a sudden, dramatic weight loss. Dr Miranda thought, at first, it could be metabolic (diabetes or thyroid) but an ultra sound revealed the dire truth: a huge tumor had spread rapidly, invading lymph nodes thereby eliminating any thoughts of heroic efforts to save him. Ollie came home to spend one last night with me and the following day we returned to Dr Amy.

I cannot adequately express my feelings of gratitude and love for Dr Amy and her compassionate crew. The final journey for Oliver, crossing the Rainbow Bridge was handle with kindness, professionalism and tenderness. Having the whole procedure carefully explained in detail then tenderly carried out was so beautifully executed, I was relieved to know Ollie would no longer suffer. Thank you is just so inadequate but it is all I have- but I do have Ollie’s paw prints, taken by Dr Amy before he left us. I will treasure them always. Again, my heartfelt thank you and gratitude to the most amazing crew ever!”

Ginny Warren -5 stars (Google)

“Today I euthanized my lab, Buddy. I couldn’t stand seeing him struggle and I didn’t want him drugged for pain all the time. The doc and staff were compassionate and professional. I will never forget how you helped Bud and me get through this sad time. Thank you from my whole heart”

Ghent Tyson Balber -5 stars (Facebook)

“I really like all the staff at the stock doc! i remember when i first took my cat into them after having her surgery done at another vet. She would not use her litter box and her urine smelled really bad and all the other vet said to do was lock her in a room with her box and leave her. Did no tests or anything and also said that there was not a pain medication for her either when you could tell she was hurting. I took her in and saw Brandy Waheed and she took some urine and came back as a uti/bladder infection and also gave her some meds!! i will not take my animals to another clinic!! They are always there helping and willing to work with people and my cat just loves them!!”

Razor Burnz -5 stars (Google)