Here at The Stock Doc we feel it is important to play a role in giving back to our community which has done so much for us. Along with our team members, pharmaceutical companies and community members, we started the Angel Fund last year. The Angel Fund was created to help raise money for two and four-legged family members who are struggling with an illness or ailment of some kind.

This year our Angel Fund will go to one of the humblest, caring and giving individuals we know. This individual has been fighting the battle of kidney cancer for several years. Despite this, she works full time taking care of others in the community who are ill or injured as a trained EMT. She never thinks of herself first…it is her children, grandchildren and extended family of paramedics/EMTs or whoever needs help in the community who come first in her eyes.

How can I help? Stop by The Stock Doc and purchase a holiday decoration for your home! We will be selling clay paw mold kits that you can use for your pets, kids, or yourself to make holiday decorations. Each kit will include a red ribbon and embellishments you can use to spice up your pet’s paw print or your kids hand/foot print, or create an ornament of your choice! With each kit you purchase, you are helping ease the financial burden for an incredible individual.

Please help us support this community member through your purchase and spreading the word to your friends and loved ones. We sincerely thank you for your support. Click here for more ways to help.