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Barbara Martin

Meet the friendly staff at The Stock Doc!

Barbara Martin
Barbara Martin was born and raised in the heart of the horse capitol of the world, Central Kentucky. From a very young age she had interests in animals, especially equids. Riding lessons were a big part of Barbara’s pre-teen life, but as she got into high school, sports and extracurricular activities took away time from riding. Co-ed soccer, church group, playing clarinet in marching band and oboe in concert band, a capella select choir and FFA filled her schedule. She also enjoyed shadowing and ride-alongs with some of the top veterinarians in the state. She attended Western Kentucky University and graduated in 2007 with her Bachelors in Animal Science with emphasis in Equine Studies. While attending college, Barbara was selected for the Western Kentucky University Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (ICHSA) Stock Seat Team all four years. She was Secretary 2005-2006 and Treasurer 2006-2007.

In 2006, Barbara got her first horse, a 2002 registered gray Quarter Horse. She named her Graycie, and they have been on thousands of adventures together. Barbara acquired her second equid as her college graduation gift from her mother. A beautiful bay saddle mule named Maggie joined Barbara’s small herd. After graduation, Barbara had the opportunity to work in Wyoming for some close friends of the family. She had often visited and worked on this family’s ranch over summer breaks during high school and college. She loved putting in a day’s ride up the mountain to check the cattle and playing with the young horses on the ranch. Wyoming had grabbed her heart at an early age and kept a good grip on it while she was growing up. Arriving to Riverton, WY, in January of 2008 with Graycie and Maggie in tow, they quickly became familiar with the Wyoming winters. It did not detour her from making her dreams come true. She met her true love in the summer of 2009, and they had a big western wedding, including an outdoor ceremony, a chuck wagon dinner and an old-fashioned barn dance. Barbara and her husband, Josh, live on a small ranch near Pavillion, where they built their home in 2012. Barbara’s passion for critters can be seen by their flock of laying hens, the ducks, dairy goats, four head of Quarter Horses, three dogs and cats, two miniature horses, the mule, and their small--but growing--heard of cattle. Josh and Barbara enjoy getting away and hauling the equids to go camping, fishing and hunting. They also take pleasure in hiking, prospecting, gem hunting, and getting to spend time together.

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