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Amy Stockton

Meet the friendly staff at The Stock Doc!

Amy Stockton
Dr. Stockton grew up in Riverton with her dogs, cats, rabbits, lambs and horses. She loved galloping bareback along the edges of the fields with her shoes off and toes touching the alfalfa, or riding the horses to town to order Big Macs from the 'ride through' at McDonalds. She remembers times in those days when she needed help for a sick or injured pet and she couldn't get a veterinarian to answer the phone, and by the age of eight had vowed that she would become a veterinarian and 'never allow that to happen to anyone else EVER AGAIN!'

So she dug her heels in and worked hard through school, and attained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University in 1996, worked a year at Mesa Vista Vet Hospital in Raton, New Mexico, then returned home to start her practice in Riverton. She brought the 1st ultrasound diagnostics to Fremont County and started with her Mobile Clinic and house calls until she constructed the clinic on Riverview Road in 2001. The Stock Doc has been on call all the time since then. Dr. Amy loves her team and clients like family, and understands the strength of bonds that can form with our pets. She respects that bond immensely, and vows to do all she can to enhance, strengthen and lengthen it. Amy lives close to the clinic and it is her dream to have a zip line to the clinic on day so she can make it to the door in less than a minute :) In the winter, you will find her at the rink cheering for the Riverton River Rats. It's easy to see her there, because she yells encouragement so loudly that no one will sit in front of her. In the Spring, she is cleaning up her yard, planting flowers and vegetables and cheering her younger son on in soccer. Summertime finds her on horseback or on the paddle boards with her husband and teenage sons. In the Fall, she heads indoors to assist the Riverton Animal Adoption Center with the Paws and Pearls Wine Tasting. She also gets most of her quilting and reading done in the Fall and Winter. For a good conversation, tell her about how your pet got its name, or discuss a book you read, or tell her about a great travel destination. She can't talk NHL, because her team is the River Rats, but she can quote stats on high school hockey (and maybe Denver University in the future!) If you want to make her day, tell her a good brand of lip chap or a good kind of chocolate!!

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